Track your way to a better you.

Self-track simply

TrackDat is an incredibly easy to use lifelogger than you can use alone, in groups, or with the world!

Follow programs

No idea what to track? No problem! Follow one of our plethora of official and unofficial programs with other users in order to receive the most relevant and comprehensive lifestyle tips to reach your goals!

Explore the Tracker Space!

Tracker space is your spot in the self-tracking world! Explore people with similar problems and situations. So get out there and see what others are tracking!

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What exactly is TrackDat?

TrackDat is a complete lifelogging social platform to help you understand yourself and your habits, problems and goals better.

TrackDat is a socially driven digital life coach. Simply put, TrackDat came from us at OGLA working with cancer surviving patients and seeing a great need for putting simple yet powerful data analytics in the hands of everyday people. However, there was a problem. We noticed that people aren’t yet motivated to track themselves comprehensively, it’s just not enticing enough yet. But, we of course noticed the increase in wearable tracking technologies and decided that we needed to simplify the data collection process as much as possible.

TrackDat is a lifestyle tracker that groups people together with similar problems or goals so that a single user doesn’t need to comprehensively collect every single thing about themselves. This means that the more users that are following programs and working towards fixing their goals, the more intelligent TrackDat gets. Additionally, TrackDat is built into a new social network, “TrackerSpace”, in order to provide a meaningful digital meeting place for likeminded users to share data and analytics with each other. Of course this feature is optional as privacy is our top priority! You control your data, your analytics, and your social space!

Keywords: “Self tracking”, “Life logging”, “Quantified self”, “Life improvement”, “Wellness”

Where are we?

TrackDat is coming fast... And it is for you!

TrackDat is currently in a closed alpha available to only a select few for testing. Afterall, we don't want to release something that we don't believe is good enough for you! We have completed our core lifelogging platform, program creation and repository, data visualizations, and a very simple data analysis and are working on developing TrackerSpace, implementing our complex system intelligence, and building programs verified by research.

Where are we now?
What's our next steps?

This is the core team here at OGLA, the three of us are all recent students in Gothenburg, Sweden with master’s degress in various subjects. Although we don’t show everyone, we are thankful for the many wonderful people we are working with that have helped make TrackDat what it is today!

Our Dream Team

Who's making this happen?

The Visionary

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The Business Guy

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The Passionate Developer

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Stay tuned!

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